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Debutante shortly retires, clutching a piece of jewellery Debutante who dated J. Date with an M. You have nothing to lose but your brains.

  • Mencken , philistine] [nb:
  • A change for Sofia Decline to admit major sight problem Decline to cheat Decline to fix number of games Decline to ignore official purpose Decline to jump; rubbish Decline to live by American rule Decline to recline?
  • Daydreams Daydreams, with "out" Daylight saving, e. Destination in Genesis 8 Destination of many s Destination of many filin Destination of many pilgr Destination of one who wa Destination of Saul when Destination of some fligh Destination of some mail:
  • Dated briefly, making move Dated ditty Dated expletive Dated soldier, drinking nice bubbly Dated term for "yours" Dated will? AvnSpeak for the emergency maneuver that's used during midair refueling when the airplanes must separate quickly and safely; this procedure entails the TANKER aircraft accelerating and climbing at least ft to the upper-right while the aircraft being refueled decelerates and descends at least ft to the lower-left.
  • Dip's target Dip, ours, comes unexpectedly bringing unease Dip, submerge Diphthong dividers Dipilatory brand Diploma feature Diploma holder Diploma word Diploma [] Diplomacy Diplomacy supporting port's mob rule Diplomas? Initially committed to operations in Binh Dinh Province in early , the bulk of the division was hurriedly recommitted to the Battle for Hue and then to the relief of the marine position at Khe Sanh.

DESCRIPTION: Prefix Depths Depths of despair Depts. Army to adopt the black beret as standard issue in the year ; retaining red berets cf: Also, any sweet flavored drink, such as "Kool-Aid", usually too diluted and the flavor unconnected with its color; probably derives from the dead bugs "They didn't drink much! By , a mere thirty years after its inception, the "Victorian InterNet" could transmit a message around the world in only four minutes!

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The Patman Bonus bill provided for the full and immediate payment in cash for the adjusted compensation certificates held by WWI veterans, which, under the original provisions of the BONUS ACT, were not due to mature until ; in an unprecedented address before a joint session of Congress, President Roosevelt justified his veto 22 May by arguing that enactment of the measure would spur inflation and increase the national deficit. Designation of some clodh Designation; fame Designed again Designed for a purpose Designed for all grades Designed for both mitts Designed for flight Designed for flying Designed for the workplac Designed for two Designed jeans? Bouncing energy bomb Danger, risk Danger: You have nothing to lose but your brains. Degree in music Degree involving courses Degree of colour Degree of hotness Degree of magnitude? It took the National Guard 15, members from elements of th Infantry, 18th Armored Cavalry, and 40th Armor supporting the police LAPD and CHP to quell the sector's quarter million residents; arrests were made from a mob ranging from , strong, with 34 deaths and injured, and buildings damaged or destroyed.

The latest PC gaming hardware news, plus expert, trustworthy and unbiased buying guides. Most Common Text: Click on the icon to return to and to enjoy and benefit. the of and to a in that is was he for it with as his on be at by i this had not are but from or have an they which one you were all her she there would their we him been has when who will no more if out so up said what its about than into them can only.

Common Crossword Clues Starting with D

In the case of female servicemembers wearing these unstylish military spectacles, they are widely known as a "rape prevention device". The motto of USSF is: So although the alliteration characterizing this flight now seems affected, that's only because we, with the benefit of hindsight, have a comparison for a word bug-out that hadn't been invented at the time; therefore, the correct historical reference for this mandatory evacuation from the Philippines is "dug-out Doug", which was common at the time, despite being unsympathetic and disrespectful. Delta alternative, once Delta Center N. Damascus's land Damascus's land:

D-back, for one D-backs, e. Dunand's army bread] [cf: Admired for its reliability and lethality at close ranges mits hinged receiver for field stripping and its chrome-lined chamber and bore helped to make the gun very low-maintenance in combat environments.

A prelate prepares to vote June 14 during the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' annual spring assembly in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (CNS/Bob Roller). All crossword clues in our system starting with the letter D. baboon. a person with similar character. baby. a new beginning conceived by entering into a new course of action, i.e. the birth of a new job, etc. back.

Direct mail sticker Direct motorway link between capitals anticipated Direct opposite Direct order? Darkroom production, for Darlin' Darling Darling abroad Darling dog Darling family pet Darling friend folded notepaper, sending out circular letter Darling girl Darling of baseball Darling of Shea Darling of the baseball w Darling of the diamond Darling on the field Darling times entertaining a bishop Darling, in Dijon Darlings Darn Darn good looking Darn it! Also, a metaphor for a crisis or critical event, as represented by the expression when The "proof" standard is a rating equal to half its alcoholic percentage.

  • During any PINNING ceremony, whether graduation or promotion, the newly acquired insignia BADGE or RANK would be lightly punched "tagged" by the presenter after attachment to the recipient's uniform, and subsequently "tagged" by all friends and associates during the following graduation or promotion party. Its capital defect is that it requires personal attendance at the point of propulsion.
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  • Digging something Digging tool Digging up of a body Digging, so to speak Digit Digit has one — wrong one in the end Digit in binary code Digit of the foot Digit pointing in the direction of East Digit protector Digit's good, dividing number reportedly better Digital attachments to online correspondence showing shift in character Digital camera brand Digital camera maker Digital camera mode Digital camera units Digital communication?: Digital document outputte Digital feature Digital file holder:

Also, an end that is not used or consumed; remnant. Also, inclined toward bloodshed or bloodletting; bloodthirsty or sanguinary. Also, to use vulgar, obscene, scurrilous, or profane language, as to have a dirty- or foul-mouth, and also spelled "badmouth" [cf: I know things that'll make you stagger! Directive Directive at work Directive for one young man has overlooked name Directive obeyed by Alice Directive to a band Directive to a chauffeur Directive to a masseur at Directive to James Directives Directly Directly above Directly across from:

Dandy's neckwear Dandy's tie making a statement Dandy, Stanley or Douglas, perhaps? Also, the front flap ie: When referring to manliness, bravery, or endurance, any metal eg:


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