My Wife Is Dating Another Guy



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The Decision! Watching my wife with another man - Community Forums

You should also apologize for snooping on her - but also tell her what you say - and just say that you hope that it is all innocent and that you love her and don't want to lose her. Earlier in our relationship, I would get upset and angry when other guys talked to her.

  • I was married before and she slept around.
  • Dating a married man? Screw my wife please 2.
  • We texted several times and I told him all about her and we started meeting for three times as I went over everything and I needed him to help her work out and then he could massage her as long as she would let him and at the most she would wear a string thong bottom.
  • He never said anything but I know it has impacted his self-worth and our relationship. The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.
  • I tried to convince my wife to inform him of our plan thinking that this will make him back off and get a grip with his horny ass.

DESCRIPTION: Thanks to anyone who helps with real advice. Same old weird ass excuse.

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My wife with another man..first time ever

No doubt women really benefit from the extra attention and it does satisfy a very common female fantasy. But do not ask the kids to choose sides, even for the slightest thing Value her as a person — talk to her, ask her opinion, respect her opinion and she will Anothfr the same back — it might take a little while, but persevere. If I got into it as well it would make it even hotter for him. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Obviously you can't live this lifestyle you thought you wanted to live. As you all know, asian nAother are very small, mine is only 3 inches long and barely bigger than my middle finger.

She found someone and took a cruise. Till you try it you really cannot comment. Whats our next course of action?

I even wrote down for her that she had my approval fuck any guy she wanted. The issue is with your wife, not the other guy. Anyway, I logged into her account last week and saw that she was having a facebook conversation with an old friend.

  • Does Your Wife Want to Sleep With Another Man?
  • If it does not work, then at least you have tried. Russian swinger wife fuck in kitchen with hubby recording.
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  • We are considering this as it has been a fantasy of both of ours, however now we feel it is a true desire.

Posted on November 7, in Something else entirely 3 Comments. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Related Questions I need advice on my wife and another man? She is absolutely beautiful and, other than a couple instances of oral sex when she was younger, she has only had sex with me.

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But I thought I knew what I was getting myself into and that I could deal with it. My wife invited her girlfriend to have sex with her after a divorce and sexual dry spell. Especially after some dude just made you cum that many times so recently. Steelknight47 , Apr 22, And start to value your wife as a person and not a sex object.

September 17, at 5: I was married before and she slept around. Perhaps it is just to fulfill fantasies. You need to confront her prior to the date.

It is already testing your relationship I never did get up the courage to do that and eventually sorted out my depression still working on that , I nonchalantly injected the idea into the conversation, and he essentially turned it down.


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