Relative Dating Activity Worksheet Answer Key



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Year 1 — Level L – Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Day Work on your timeline. You will also be weeding through two different points of view.

  • Make a living and non-living bag and ask others in your family to feel and guess. You're not a member yet.
  • You can use page four to help you out.
  • If anyone had any bread, it would sell for so much money because everyone would want it.
  • Choose plants for a reason. Then you can play this pyramid game.
  • Record up to 12 points. It takes what it observes in the world today and makes hypotheses, guesses, about the creation of the world.

Score up to 16 points for completing your table even though there are more than 16 blanks to fill in. Notice how the veins get smaller as they move away from the heart. Beat Lab — You can change the sounds and the genre of the music.

DESCRIPTION: Abraham is asking him not to if there are righteous people in the city. Score up to 12 points for being able to define the terms before reading the answer! Write or tell the story of a piece of food. Art Choose something to draw.

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On the bottom of the page, you can click to read more about the different types. Science Find a flower. Tell someone about his adventures. This is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. Jesus gave us the example and we are to follow in His footsteps and be baptized as well.

There are six blanks on the chart and four questions to answer. Take your time and do your best. You can tell your answer. Click on the play Worksjeet and nothing else. Day 52 Read about the Mesozoic Era on page four. The workers were working.

The last one is only if you are working together with siblings. Read about sedimentary rocks on page 4 and try to answer the questions.

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  • If you have a microscope, you can rub some skin off of you and look at it with your microscope.
  • ESL Lesson Plans, Tests, & Ideas
  • Watch a movie on the digestive system.

You will not be doing the suggested reading in the lapbook. Draw a picture of a kind of vascular plant on the one side and a nonvascular plant on the other. As a note, if you are teaching animals, you could also use this worksheet for teaching simple adjectives to describe animals.

Watch the video from the page on the nitrogen and phosphorus cycles. Cut out the timeline on page 6 as one piece. Day 80 Read about solar power.

Tell someone what you read about and learned. Day Research discoveries made by the Hubble telescope and write a paragraph on what you think is one of the most important or exciting discoveries and why. Make the video full screen. You use that information to make your conclusion, your final statement on whether or not you think your hypothesis was right. Day Read about fusion energy. Tell someone where he sailed. All of the words are the big, bold, dark words from your reading.


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