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The McKibbens come over for dinner and the two families argue over their parenting styles. It's Jenna's 16th birthday and Valerie surprises her with a birthday rap in the school cafeteria. Jenna overthinks what Gabby said and ends up delivering an awful toast where she starts to think Matty was the one for her since the beginning.

  • Jenna's friends and family try to warn her that Collin is a bad influence.
  • Poodle's sincere apology to Sabrina upsets Mickey, who feels that her sister purposefully ignored her contributions as guardian.
  • Meanwhile, Sadie and Tamara fight over control of the cheer squad in Lissa's absence.
  • Retrieved August 17, After Adam storms off and the dinner ends, Jenna and Tamara decide to watch Sex and the City , but instead find a porn video Kevin left to Lacey.
  • Poodle and Christopher announce their decision to divorce, and reveal to Chip that his real father is a man named Howard Buckley Matthew Glave.

DESCRIPTION: Meanwhile, Tamara and Jake are contemplating sex for the first time. Sadie invites everyone on a spring break trip and also hires Jake to edit her video entry for a scholarship contest, with hilarious results. Jake and Tamara run against each other for class president. Retrieved August 10,

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Since Jenna has not been answering any of Luke's calls, it turned out Matty texted Luke telling him were Jenna was, and Luke came and apologized. Retrieved November 27, Jimmy and Mickey go to a police auction to buy back Jimmy's Geo, but Jimmy instead buys an old police cruiser. Sadie makes attempts to try to warn Matty about Eva's secrets.

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Poodle used the money to move to New York while Mickey spent it on a samurai sword, which is at the very bar they are at.

Jenna and Tamara pay an overnight visit to a college. Retrieved January 25,

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  • Principal Gibbons calls Mickey into his office and accuses Ben of stealing a teacher's golden apple award.

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Following the drama of the ski trip, Jenna decides it's best to spend her time focusing on her finals. He then sends her money to come to America, however, Mickey is sure he's been taken and tries to give him life lessons to toughen him up. Meanwhile, Jimmy is shot during the altercation which lands him in a hospital bed and in police custody for some outstanding warrants.

However, Matty forgives Eva. Tamara finally apologizes to Adam but as she returns the ring, Adam still rejects her. Jenna and Matty debate whether or not to tell Jake about their private relationship. Track your favorite shows.

He ends up getting drunk and setting off fireworks during his ceremony, unintentionally injuring a young pitcher who, coincidentally, was very close to breaking Jimmy's school record for strikeouts. The gang attend prom, which takes many unexpected turns throughout the night. Retrieved July 6,


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